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What To Expect After Lasik Eye Surgery

The fact that it is called Lasik Eye ‘surgery’ is what leaves many people concerned about what to expect from recovery.  The reality is that Lasik surgery is not a very intensive procedure and recovery is not particularly lengthy. Recovering from Lasik When you undergo Lasik eye surgery, there are a number of things that […]

Vision Changes Due to Diabetes

There are a number of vision conditions that are prevalent in individuals with diabetes. As a result, it is essential that individuals suffering from the disease receive regular check-ups. It is also important that they are familiar with how their condition can impact their eyesight. How the Eyes Change Due to Diabetes If you have […]

Tips on Finding Vision Insurance

Lasik and other eye-related procedures are often covered by insurance plans or employer-provided flex-spending programs. Eyesight commonly begins to decline around age 40. Individuals approaching this stage of life should start exploring vision insurance if they do not have it already . It is important to begin the process before the need for intensive vision […]

Does Everyone Experience Vision Decline with Age?

Natural vision decline occurs commonly in individuals over 40 – while there is a large percentage of Americans that experience this, it doesn’t occur in everyone. There are, however, a substantial number of different causes that make it more likely that you’ll experience some form of vision decline as you age. Presbyopia – loss of […]

Common Causes of Vision Decline

Treatment for poor vision is a necessity for many Americans, but the specific causes of vision decline can vary. According to the National Institute of Health, the following conditions are frequently responsible for vision changes. Some of these problems develop with age while others can appear at any stage of life. Presbyopia – this is […]

Tips That Help You Protect Your Vision

Before or after you’ve had a vision improvement procedure it’s important to focus on your eye and vision health and protect it. Maintaining your eye health involves more than the obvious factors and vision is an essential sense so these tips that focus on protection should not be overlooked: 1. Wear sunglasses – shielding your […]

Natural Methods to Improve Vision

While we offer great solutions to prevent vision loss and improve vision changes, there are some natural ways that you can try to keep your eyes strong and in optimal health. These natural vitamins can be found in specific foods or taken as supplements and are said to help with age related vision problems in […]