Routine Eye Exams – Why And How Often

Your eyes are your window to the world, and it doesn’t hurt to give them that little extra care by way of regular eye exams. While the word ‘exam’ can be off putting, remember it is just a check-up to ensure that your eyesight is fine and to suggest corrective measures if anything unusual is found. It is important to schedule routine eye exams into your healthcare regimen, and here’s why.
The Need for Routine Eye Exams
There are various reasons you should work an eye check-up into your life.
General review of eye health: A routine eye exam allows a specialist to review all aspects of your eye health. During the check, besides checking for the need for vision correction with spectacles or contact lenses, a number of eye problems can also be spotted. For instance, a routine eye check can catch glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts.
Early indicators of serious illnesses: An eye exam can even reveal the existence of other conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. When caught early, these problems can be corrected and prevented from escalating into serious health emergencies.
Healthy development of a child: With children, these routine eye exams may sometimes tell you more than you expect. At a young age, a child may not realize that their trouble with reading or comprehension is related to weak eyesight or an underlying eye problem. Corrected vision can give your child a whole new lease on life and help them thrive at home and in school.
If you get a clean bill of health from a routine eye exam, you can rest easy until your next check!
Frequency for routine eye exams: Routine eye exams become important right from early childhood. When a child learns to read, they are ready for their first eye check-up. After their very first eye exam, they will need to come back for routine checks every year or two.
If you are between 20 and under 40, you should ensure a routine eye exam is conducted every 5 to 10 years. If you require glasses or wear contact lenses, make an annual visit. Between 40 and 55, up the frequency to once in 2 to 4 years. After you cross 55, try and get a routine eye exam every year. If this is difficult ensure you go at least once in two years.
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