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Premium Lens Implants

Premium Lens Implants Winchester VA | Martinsburg WV

Premium lens implants are one of the options available at the Shenandoah LASIK and Cataract Center to improve the quality of your vision after cataract surgery or with refractive lens implant surgery for those patients who are not good candidates for iLASIK.

As we age, or after cataract surgery with traditional intraocular implants our eyes change and lose their ability to focus, at a close distance. With new advances in intraocular lenses, patients with cataracts or presbyopia are now able to enjoy full vision correction for near and far, by having a single surgical procedure that replaces the eye’s natural lens with a premium lens implants. Premium lens implants have a multifocal optical system, which allows patients to replace their poorly functioning natural lens with a lens implant that corrects both near and far vision and minimizes the need for glasses for most visual tasks.

Patients who choose to have premium lens implants solely for vision correction also have the added benefit of preventing cataracts from developing in the future, as the eye’s natural lens is replaced during this procedure. Before the development of premium implants, patients with presbyopia were only able to choose between reading glasses, bifocals, bifocal contact lenses or laser vision correction with monovision, which corrects one eye for distance vision and the other for near vision. Cataract surgery patients would have similar options.

Premium Lens Implants

Tecnis® Multifocal

Premium Lens Implants

Tecnis® Toric

There are several different types of lenses used as premium lens implants for patients seeking refractive lens implant surgery or cataract surgery. Some of these lenses include the Tecnis multi focal lenses. A small number of patients with astigmatism may require an additional laser procedure after the implantation of the premium implant to help them achieve complete vision correction.

For those patients who will only require correction for distance and have a significant amount of astigmatism, an astigmatism correcting implant, the Tecnis Toric® can be used at the time of your cataract or refractive lens implant surgery. This lens can correct the astigmatism that may have been in your eye for your entire lifetime. At the time of your visit, Dr. Stefano will recommend which type of premium implant is most appropriate for your eyes and will advise you or the possible need for post operative laser correction.

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