Eye Floaters: What You Can Do About Them

Posted on: Apr 30 2015

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Eye floaters are small spot-like objects that appear in a person’s field of vision. They become very noticeable when the patient views something bright such as the sky or any other bright source. Though they are quite distracting, they do not pose as any sort of serious threat and do not affect the individual’s eyesight.
In some rare cases, the floater may be big enough to partially block your vision, but it only happens under particular kinds of lighting. Most individuals learn to live with this issue and it becomes less noticeable as time goes by. Treatment for eye floaters is limited to cases where there is a genuine problem, but this tends to be quite rare.
However, the appearance of eye floaters can be sign of a more serious underlying condition. In this case, it is safer to consult your nearest eye doctor.
Causes and Treatment
Causes: Eye floaters are caused by tiny particles of protein called collagen. As we age, changes in the vitreous humor can cause floaters to form. The vitreous humor is a gel-like liquid found in a compartment like area behind the eye. This gel becomes shredded and lumpy along with age, creating the appearance of floaters or spots. Other causes include Eye Tumors or Lymphoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Eye Disease or Injury, Retinal Tear, Vitreous Bleeding, and Retinal Detachment etc.
Treatment: Benign eye floaters do not require any treatment whatsoever. However, treatment can be carried out if the eye floaters are drastically affecting your vision. The procedure for this is known as ‘Vitrectomy’, and it involves replacing the gel-like vitreous with a salt solution.
In the case of regular eye floaters: Just moving your eyes is enough to clear your vision. Moving your eyes causes the fluid in your eyes to move too. Experts advise that an up and down motion is more effective than a side to side motion.
Want to Learn More About Treatment For Floaters? Contact Dr. Stefano
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