Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) is ideal for patients whose corneas may be too thin to safely perform iLASIK or those patients who would have certain types or corneal irregularities. It is also recommended for certain professions where there is a high risk of eye trauma under adverse field conditions, such as those in the military or law-enforcement. Advanced Surface Treatment, treats the surface layer of the cornea only and does not require the creation of a flap. Like iLASIK, it is relatively painless and heals quickly but slightly slower than iLASIK. After healing takes place, the attained vision in ASA patients is comparable to that of iLASIK patients.

During the ASA procedure, a either a blunt micro-keratome or a chemical solution smoothly removes without cutting, the surface layer, or epithelium, from the cornea. Next, a the VISX CustomVue® STAR IR S4 Excimer Laser is used to reshape the surface of the cornea to reduce or remove the eye’s optical prescription. The epithelium is then replaced with a special type of protective contact lens. The epithelium re-grows in a few days with very little pain. The protective lens is removed after several days.


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