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What Do You Know About Cataracts?

There are a handful of very common eye conditions that may develop as we age. Cataracts represent one that people have heard of but don’t typically know much about. Here, we work to increase patient awareness about cataracts by offering some of the critical aspects of this eye disease. What Are Cataracts? The term cataracts […]

What You Need to Know About Eye Floaters

Eye floaters can be a disturbing symptom, understandably. Other than needing to wear eyeglasses or reading glasses, most of us are accustomed to our vision being clear of obstructions and random phenomena. The development of floaters, traveling webs or objects floating through the field of vision, should not be entirely unexpected, but it is something […]

What is an Eye Exam?

Eye exams are important to vision as well as long-term eye health. Every person’s exam may involve different tests based on their medical history, existing medical conditions, whether or not they wear glasses or contacts, and other factors. In general, the exam process includes diagnostic tests that evaluate vision and the health of various structures […]

Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

For some, wearing eyeglasses may feel somewhat novel at first. However, needing glasses to see street signs and to read labels or books can quickly become unpleasant. There are very clear benefits to the consistent use of eyeglasses when they are needed. When frustrations like glasses slipping down the bridge of the nose or impeding […]