The Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

Posted on: Feb 27 2015

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Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, commonly known as LASIK surgery, is one of the fastest-growing eye procedures.
LASIK Corrects Vision Problems
If you’re tired of wearing contacts or glasses to correct your vision, LASIK surgery worth considering. LASIK physically alters the cornea of your eye, achieving the same effect that glasses and contacts do, except permanently.
LASIK is known to correct:
LASIK Is Minimally Invasive
As a laser-assisted procedure, LASIK is designed to be minimally invasive. With new iLASIK technology, the incision that creates a flap in the cornea is created by a laser so there is no need for a blade to be used.
When the procedure is over, that flap is gently placed back over the cornea for healing. As a result of the use of lasers instead of blades, the healing process tends to be smoother and has presented fewer complications.
LASIK Is Lower Risk
One of the most exciting benefits of LASIK surgery is how low the risk of complication. More than 10 million iLASIK procedures have been performed successfully and safely.
In the past, eye surgeries carried the risk of complications in healing or of further damage to vision. Flap healing issues, for instance, were very common. Flaps and even other serious sight-threatening complications have not been reported in association with LASIK surgery.
LASIK Is Extremely Precise
Since LASIK relies on precise technologies, it is no surprise that complications are so few. Another benefit of this precision, though, is how accurately and quickly the procedure can correct vision problems.
LASIK technologies can be calibrated according to each patients’ individual vision problems and eye-makeup. That means that when you have LASIK surgery, information about your eye is entered into the device, which then precisely works to correct your unique vision issues.
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