Removing Cataracts May Do more than You Think

The development of cataracts is usually slow and progressive. The gradual changes that occur in visual acuity are typically so subtle that treatment to remove clouded lenses is not perceived as an urgent matter. Ultimately, the timing of cataract surgery is a very personal matter. Once the clouded lens is replaced, the full extent of vision should be restored. This aspect of treatment could mean that removal is put off longer than need be.
Numerous studies have been performed to measure the long-term benefits of cataract removal surgery, and findings are promising. These include:
Improved quality of life. Because cataracts cause gradual and progressive change, the decline that occurs in the overall quality of life may go by unnoticed. At some point, reading may become too difficult to continue trying, so a much-loved passion for books is set aside. Driving, at some point, becomes unsafe. When driving is no longer possible, a sense of independence is lost. According to research, individuals who chose cataract removal reported feeling a 40% increase in quality of life as opposed to adults living with cloudy vision due to cataracts.
Decreased fall and fracture risk. The lower a person’s vision becomes as a result of cataracts, the higher her risk of falls. For the older individual, a fall could hold very serious consequences. Therefore, cataract removal becomes a matter of safety. According to research, cataract removal diminishes the risk of falls due to severe cataracts by 23%. This risk declines by 16% in older adults with mild to moderate lens clouding.
Longer life expectancy. Humans are living longer today than our grandparents and many of our parents simply due to improvements in healthcare. Living not only improves when cataracts are removed, but research also suggests that longevity may, as well. For patients who undergo cataract removal surgery, mortality risk is believed to decrease as much as 40%. This could be the improvement in general mobility as well as the higher overall quality of living.
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