Eyelid Swelling: When to See your Eye Doctor

From time to time, we may all experience a little bit of swelling around the eyes. This could happen if we spend a night tossing and turning instead of sleeping. The tissue around the eyes also tends to swell as a result of crying. These are the usual and customary causes of swelling. But there are other conditions that could lead to puffiness that lingers. When this occurs, there may be a need to see your eye doctor at Shenandoah LASIK & Cataract Center in Winchester, VA.

What that Swelling Could Mean

On the most basic level, swelling results from fluid buildup in tissue. The tissue around the eyes is no different than the tissue on an ankle, for instance, which may swell if slightly injured. What we want to know is what causes that accumulation of fluid in the tissue around the eye? If not shedding a few tears or losing a good night’s sleep, the cause of swelling may need to be treated.

This is a relatively easy problem to fix. If you suspect that swelling is caused by allergies, take an antihistamine. Swelling and itching, if that has also occurred, should improve simultaneously.

There are two types of infection that could cause the eyelid to swell. One is conjunctivitis. This infection occurs in the mucosa that lines the inside of the eyelid. Usually, conjunctivitis is referred to as Pink Eye. It can be quite uncomfortable and should be treated with medication. Another infection that may cause swelling is a stye. Rather than occurring in the eye’s lining, a style may develop within a hair follicle along the lash line, or in a tear gland. A stye manifests as an obvious bump, so can usually be differentiated from conjunctivitis easily.

This is not a term most people have ever heard. That tells you how uncommon this type of bump is. A chalazion is somewhat like a stye, but is related to a blockage in a tear duct rather than infection.

If swelling is related to a direct injury, you’ll likely know it. If swelling coincides with pain and / or blurry vision, you should have a thorough eye exam as soon as possible.

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