Important Considerations for Cataract Removal Surgery

If we look at statistics, we may become concerned about the high likelihood that we could get cataracts later in life. Seeing that 70% of adults do, why would we feel overly optimistic that we could dodge that bullet? According to research, there are fewer cases of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma combined than there are cases of cataracts. This goes to show how prevalent the condition is. Another interesting finding is that there are instances of cataracts in adults as young as their forties. This information can help the average adult arm themselves with proper eye care and professional evaluation.
The thing about treating cataracts is that there is no strict timeline to determine when the protein-laden, inflexible lens should be removed and replaced. This is, for the most part, up to each individual patient. If you have cataracts, here are some ways that you can determine when you need to see your ophthalmologist for removal.
Diminished LifestyleWe are living longer and more actively today than ever before. The new life expectancy is a wonderful reflection of education in the area of health and wellness. It is demonstrated in the number of older adults who are remaining far more active than their parents and grandparents did, too! Going back to the potential for cataracts in younger adults, as well, we can see that there may be numerous reasons to treat this condition earlier rather than later. Who wants to give up their sporting fun, their hiking or marathon-running or dancing, because they can’t see clearly? Getting treatment for cataracts can keep you in the game of life.
Diminished Quality of LifeMaybe running obstacle courses or even a 5K is not your thing. You still want to feel satisfied with your overall quality of life. This can look like a number of things. It could be your love of gardening that keeps you feeling young at heart, or the time you spend with your children and your children’s children. Maybe the coloring-book trend has captured your attention. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, cataracts (or any other vision problem, for that matter!) should not keep you from it.
Diminished SafetyMost older adults are aware that age brings with it a risk for falling. Often, this is related to poor gait that stems from vision problems. Additionally, driving safety can become a concern for individuals with cataracts due to symptoms such as light sensitivity and blurriness.
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