Eye Redness Causing Irritated Nerves?

At Shenandoah LASIK & Cataract Center, patients from the Winchester area obtain the care they need to keep their eyes in tip-top shape. We understand the stress that can occur when unexpected or unexplainable symptoms develop. Even if those symptoms are limited to redness and irritation, they can wreak havoc on your peace of mind if they linger a little too long. Here, we will look more closely at some of the common reasons why redness may occur, and what you can do if you experience one of these problems.
Eye InjuryIf a facial injury occurs, such as a collision during a sporting activity, there is the possibility of an eye injury. If the cornea gets scratched, redness and pain may occur. Injury may also be “behind the scenes,” in the retina. A less serious, but potentially more noticeable, injury is the broken blood vessel. If a small vessel in the eye breaks, blood escapes onto the eye’s surface. This looks much more serious than it is, fortunately.
What to do: An eye injury of any kind should be evaluated in our office. Whether or not there is pain or other symptoms, we prefer to look at all of the structures of the eye to ensure the injury can heal without specific treatment.
InfectionThe dreaded pink eye is often considered a childhood condition. It isn’t necessarily uncommon for an adult to contract this uncomfortable infection, though. Another myth about pink eye, aka conjunctivitis, is that the infection is highly contagious. There is a form of allergic conjunctivitis that is not.What to do: Unless you are absolutely certain that redness and irritation are NOT pink eye, do not touch your eyes. Pink eye will run its course, and irritation can be soothed by applying one cold compress to each eye. If discharge from the eyes causes lids to stick together, or is yellow- or green-tinged, medical care is needed. If pink eye coincides with a fever, contact your doctor for treatment.
AllergiesEvery year, millions of boxes of antihistamines fly off the shelves during “allergy season.” If you have seasonal allergies or pet allergies, you are well-acquainted with the redness, itching, watering, and general inflammation that occurs in the eyes.What to do: If your allergies are on the mild side, a store-bought antihistamine and some cold compresses may be all you need to get through a flare-up. Sometimes, prescription medication is the better route.
We are here to provide you with friendly care when you need it! Give us a call to schedule your visit.
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