Your Personality Plays in to the Success of Cataract Surgery

When you have a cataract, your ability to visualize objects clearly becomes more and more difficult. The progression of cataracts typically does not threaten permanent vision.
However, there usually comes a point when you say “enough is enough.” It is then when the work of renewing your vision begins, and we are here by your side to walk though down that path. Cataract surgery is more precise than ever, but the option for your new lens can seem overwhelming. We take every last detail into account so that you can experience a successful lens replacement, right down to your very nature.
Really, the ultimate success of cataract treatment lies with each individual patient. The fact of the matter is, no replacement lens is going to replicate what Mother Nature had given you 100 percent. Today, many patients consider replacing their natural, clouded lens with a multifocal IOL, which can be an excellent choice. It helps to understand, though, that even a multifocal lens has its limitations. Vision at every distance may not be fully crisp and clean across every circumstance, such as the amount of light present at any given time.
Seeing through a multifocal lens, it is also possible to notice slight distortion, such as a glare or halo around light sources. This is typically not distracting enough to inhibit safe, comfortable night driving, but it is a possibility that patients should expect.
What researchers have found is that people who are rather easy-going do the best a acclimating to their new multifocal intraocular lens. This is not something that is usually considered before a medical procedure. Generally, patients expect their doctor to explore their medical history, not their personal preferences or personality! When it comes to restoring vision, though, these are important factors in achieving success.
Are you motivated to say goodbye to your eyeglasses, and to your cataracts? This is a good indication that you may do well with a multifocal lens, especially if it is near vision that you want to improve. Realistic expectations are also vital to any eye surgery, because the likelihood is that vision will not be exactly what it was before. It will be crisp. It will be really, really good. But there’s that little issue of halos or glare that needs to be considered.
There are so many choices for intraocular lenses today that just about every patient can find the solution that is suitable for their needs and preferences. Our job is to inform you of your choices with the fullest extent of detail so you can feel good going in to your cataract surgery. Call 540-722-6200.
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