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I’m coming up on my 14 year LASIK anniversary –November 1998. It’s still amazes me. At my last eye exam, I was still 20/15! Just think of all of the money I’ve saved in glasses, contacts and solutions! Thanks Dr. Stefano for making this possible for me!


Lasik is amazing! I have been hesitant for years in regards to having the procedure. After seeing two other physicians, I just didn’t feel confident and my gut instinct was “this isn’t the right thing to do”. So, after seeing Dr. Stefano, my gut instinct was “this is the time… this is the physician”. So, yesterday I had iLasik. When the procedure was over I asked “is that it”? It was a breeze. No pain, irritation whatsoever and he walked me thru the entire procedure…


I had refractory surgery done on both eyes after wearing contacts and glasses for more than 30 years. The care was great, the procedure fantastic, and I am thrilled to have thrown away glasses and those contacts. Thank you to Dr. Stefano and his great staff for such wonderful care!


Going into LASIK I knew that I was difficult patient. I had tried numerous types of contacts, but my eyes would just not tolerate them. I finally decided to get Lasik and chose Shenandoah LASIK and Cataract Center to do the procedure. Dr. Stefano and his staff made me feel comfortable from the beginning and their competence, friendliness and professionalism earned my trust. I work outdoors for a living and on a couple appointments before my surgery Dr. Stefano noticed irritations on my cornea. He always chose to wait until my eyes cleared up before proceeding with the surgery. Though I was impatient to have the surgery done, I appreciated his professionalism in putting my health first. Shenandoah LASIK and Cataract Center has earned my trust and I highly recommend them to all who are need of this type of life changing procedure.


Wonderful results. Staff was great and helpful. Love my life without glasses


I had LASIK surgery from Dr. Stefano back in 2001, and just had my yearly checkup again this year and my vision is still 20/20!!! After wearing glasses most of my life, LASIK surgery was the best thing I ever did. I cannot say enough how much I would recommend you think about getting LASIK done if you have ever considered it, and you do NOT have to go out of town to have the best procedure available. Go see the great people Dr. Stefano’s office and I promise you will not be disappointed! Thanks again for my great vision!


I recently had the refractive lens surgery; I am over 50 and wore progressive lenses with bifocals. I could not see without them at all. It was so bad; I couldn’t see faces clearly on the TV screen without them. I even had to buy an alarm clock with the BIG numbers. After the surgery I now have 20/20 vision. I am one happy camper. This is the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Dr. Stefano and his staff were wonderful. I would recommend this surgery to all.


LASIK is amazing and worth every penny! I was so hesitant and scared but Dr.Stefano and his staff made me feel comfortable and reassured me that I’d be fine!! I could never thank them enough! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


I had the new iLasik procedure in September. Love it! So happy!


I’m 7 weeks out from surgery. It’s hard to believe that I see better than I did with contacts!


I decided to see Dr. Stefano because I was tired of wearing contact lenses. From my initial consult, his team was fantastic. I was able to get my LASIK procedure done in two weeks. I was back to work the day after my surgery and I have been so very happy without my contacts. I recommend Dr. Stefano and his team to anyone interested in LASIK. They made this journey a good one.


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