How Often Do I Need an Eye Examination?

A woman and an Optometrist in exam room Regular eye examinations are incredibly important to catch any vision and eye concerns early enough for successful intervention. When you come into Shenandoah LASIK and Cataract Center in Winchester, VA, our experienced providers, Michael Bert is available to assist you with your vision needs.

What Happens During an Eye Examination at Shenandoah Lasik and Cataract Center?

At Shenandoah LASIK and Cataract Center, the eye examination begins with a comprehensive history taken by one of our experienced optometrists. This will provide us with information about your eyes, any previous eye problems you’ve had, medications you are taking, and your family’s medical history.

Your vision is then tested to determine how well you can see at different distances with and without glasses or contact lenses. During this part of the exam, we may also use special instruments to check for common vision problems such as nearsightedness (known as myopia), farsightedness (known as hyperopia), and astigmatism.

We also inspect the front surface of your eyes using a special microscope that allows our doctor to evaluate the structure of your cornea, lens, and other parts of the eye. We will also measure the pressure inside your eyes (intraocular pressure) using a tonometer.

We may perform additional tests such as digital imaging scans, retinal photography, or optical coherence tomography (OCT), if necessary. After all the testing is complete, we can discuss any treatment options that might benefit you based on our findings.

How Often Do I Need To Have an Eye Examination Performed?

Our team recommends an eye examination at least once a year for most patients. However, if you have any vision concerns or a family history of eye disease, your doctor may suggest more frequent examinations. Our experienced optometrists will work with you to develop a plan that meets your unique needs.

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We at Shenandoah LASIK and Cataract Center are committed to providing excellent eye care for our patients and look forward to helping you achieve optimal vision health. Call the office of Michael Bert at 540-722-6200 to request an appointment at our Winchester, VA, area office.


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