Vision Changes Due to Diabetes

There are a number of vision conditions that are prevalent in individuals with diabetes. As a result, it is essential that individuals suffering from the disease receive regular check-ups. It is also important that they are familiar with how their condition can impact their eyesight.
How the Eyes Change Due to Diabetes
If you have diabetes, you may experience one of the following eye conditions:
Cataracts – individuals with diabetes have higher instances of cataracts. This is a condition that causes clouding over the lens of the eye. Blurred vision and greater difficulty processing bright light are a couple of the symptoms. This condition can be corrected with surgery.
Glaucoma – this condition occurs when there is a build up of pressure in the eye due to inadequate drainage. This disease can have no symptoms for a period of time, so regular eye exams can ensure that this issue is treated early.
The conditions above can occur primarily due to the increased blood sugar that causes the lens of the eye to swell. An eye doctor that detects these issues in someone undiagnosed may also be the first to recognize the signs of diabetes.
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