Natural vision decline occurs commonly in individuals over 40 – while there is a large percentage of Americans that experience this, it doesn’t occur in everyone. There are, however, a substantial number of different causes that make it more likely that you’ll experience some form of vision decline as you age.
Presbyopia – loss of the natural flexibility of the eye which makes it harder to focus on things up close. Most commonly, it’s reading affected by this condition that is relatively harmless.
Cataracts – half of American seniors aged 65 and older experience this.
Macular degeneration – a condition that is common with age, but is classified as a disease rather than a natural aging change is the leading cause of blindness in American seniors.
Reduced pupil size – this is a natural physical change that occurs. As the pupil shrinks, it becomes harder for the eyes to adjust to lighting changes, and that can have an impact upon vision.
While vision decline with age may not be experienced by everyone, the chances are high with the above conditions occurring commonly along with others. To discuss how we can help treat your vision changes, come in for a consultation.
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