Common First Signs Of Glaucoma

Glaucoma treatment Our vision is a fundamental part of our lives. That’s why it’s important to be informed about conditions that can alter or damage our vision. Glaucoma is actually a group of conditions that damages the optic nerve. The optic nerve is essential for sending information from the eye to the brain.

Think of it as the road we use to send things from one place to another. Without that road, no information can be passed to the brain, and vision is impossible. There is, unfortunately, no cure for glaucoma, and it is a life-long condition. That’s why understanding the first signs is key for early detection and treatment. Let’s take a look at the most common first signs of glaucoma and glaucoma treatment.

Common First Signs

Hazy and Blurred Vision

A variety of factors can cause blurry vision. However, consistent and progressive hazy or blurry vision is a common first sign of glaucoma. This is because of pressure being put on the optic nerve. This can distort vision and make sight hazy or blurry.

Eye Pain

Glaucoma is usually related to an increased amount of pressure in the eye. This pressure can cause pain or affect nerves. Consistent eye pain that may feel like an ache or sharp is a sign of glaucoma. However, it can be difficult to determine if your eye pain is from glaucoma or is only temporary.

Halos Around Light

A common sign of glaucoma is seeing bright-colored circles around light sources. They could appear small, large, very bright, or slightly faint. It all depends on the type of glaucoma and its severity.

Vomiting and Nausea

Optical conditions like glaucoma can often cause nausea and vomiting. This is because your brain is receiving confusing or damaged information from the eyes. This causes the brain to try and correct itself and can lead to vertigo, nausea, vomiting, or migraines. However, vomiting and nausea are common in other conditions. If you’re experiencing vomiting and nausea while you have other symptoms of glaucoma, then it’s recommended you seek treatment.

Seeking Treatment

Treating glaucoma is all about early detection so that the progression can be slowed and eyesight can be preserved. Our team at Shenandoah LASIK & Cataract Center provides glaucoma treatment in an effort to preserve as much vision as possible. Our staff provides quality services and prides itself on making you comfortable through every procedure. If you are concerned or have questions about glaucoma, contact Shenandoah LASIK & Cataract Center at 540-722-6200 today.


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