Is Latisse the Lash Treatment You Might Love?

beauty eye small Latisse is a lash solution that was discovered by accident. Doctors using the medication to treat glaucoma noticed that patients’ lashes grew longer, darker, and thicker. Since gaining FDA-approval as a targeted lash treatment, Latisse has been used around the world by people who want naturally noticeable lashes. Could this solution be right for you? Let’s look at some details that can help you decide. 

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

This is one of the first questions that patients have when they ask about Latisse. We understand why it’s important. It might be easier to just keep applying false eyelashes or trying new and improved mascara products. However, those tactics don’t improve the overall health and growth of natural lashes. Latisse does. For this to happen, though, patients can expect to apply the solution daily for 8 to 10 weeks before seeing a noticeable difference. According to clinical trials, the full effect of Latisse, when used daily, is seen at 16 weeks. 

About Application

Daily application could seem like a big ask. However, remember that mascara is something that gets applied daily. So is eyeliner. Latisse is like applying a clear liquid eyeliner to the skin at the base of the upper eyelashes. It takes a minute or two out of the day, so it is not inconvenient. Also, after three months or so, patients can stop using the product daily and switch instead to every other day or just a few days a week. Applying Latisse more often, say twice a day, does nothing for lash growth. It simply uses up the product faster without the reward at the end. 

Patients often wonder if there is a “best” way to apply Latisse. The goal is for the liquid to stay in place so it can stimulate positive changes in the eyelashes. To achieve this, some providers suggest that their patients purchase a tiny eyeliner brush and apply one drop of Latisse to that, then lining the eye just like they would with eyeliner. Another option is to put the drop of Latisse into a small lid and dap the drop with the eyeliner brush. If Latisse drips when applying, the brush is too wet. To get the best use of this product, many patients apply it in the morning rather than at night. That way, the liquid doesn’t get displaced by the pillow. 

Great lashes don’t have to be hard to come by. Schedule a visit to our Winchester, VA office to learn more about Latisse. Call 540-722-6200 today.


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