Recovering Well after Blepharoplasty

istock 516604614 If you’ve grown tired of seeing a tired-looking face in the mirror, you may be weighing your options. Blepharoplasty is a common ophthalmic plastic surgery procedure that is performed to rejuvenate the eyes. This area of the face has skin that is thinner than most other parts of the body. This means it will show the signs of aging more quickly. While non-surgical treatments have been developed in recent years, none can achieve what blepharoplasty can; results that last many years. Because surgical eyelid rejuvenation improves the eyes in ways that injectables and other therapies cannot, this approach is preferred by many people. Here, we discuss one big tip for recovering well after eyelid surgery.

Preparation Makes all the Difference

Most people like to feel prepared for any important or new experience. When it comes to blepharoplasty, this means knowing what to expect and what to do after surgery. A little preparation can go a long way in improving comfort, reducing stress, and maximizing results.

Before surgery, patients should be prepared for one big change: taking time.

Take Time for You

One of the post-operative instructions blepharoplasty patients receive is to arrange to have two weeks to focus on their recovery. It’s interesting that, while patients can commit to taking time off work to recover from surgery, many have a hard time laying low for more than a few days. After blepharoplasty, comfort is quite good. This can make it difficult to listen when the body wants a nap, or when there is little energy to do housework or make family dinners. What patients need to remember is that healing happens beneath the surface and a lack of energy may be the biggest side effect of surgery. We suggest not only taking time off work but also arranging for childcare, meals, and other tasks to be handled by someone else for two weeks. What do you do during that time? You rest. You could read a book or watch movies, so long as you stop when your eyes get tired. You can take walks, listen to music or podcasts, or just look out the window and enjoy the world around you during your momentary pause.

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