LASIK for the Athlete

If there is one characteristic that is shared among athletes across all sports and all levels of players, it is the desire to be “in the game.” That game may be on a court or field; it may be on the open road, or on a mat. Whatever the favored activity, the idea of having to take a hiatus can be deflating. This is difficult enough when forced, such as needing to take a break from an injury. For individuals who want to correct their vision with an elective procedure like iLASIK, that breather from sports may not ever happen. Here’s what we’d like you to know.
The LASIK procedure has been around for several years. From the time of development, the technique used to reshape the cornea has improved a great deal. For instance, early LASIK procedure involved the use of a micro-blade to create the corneal flap. Today, this is achieved with a laser. These improvements in technique have made iLASIK a real contender for athletes who want to improve their game.
LASIK for the Runner
People who love to hit the pavement don’t have time to stop and clean eyeglasses that get sweaty or spotted with dust and condensation. Furthermore, eyeglasses can slip and jostle as the body moves, creating a frustrating sensation. Eye surgery makes sense for runners, but may also be approached with apprehension at the thought of a long recovery.
If you are a runner, you will be able to return to your normal training routine days after your laser eye surgery. We’re not talking many days; we’re talking two or three.
LASIK for the Swimmer
Swimming poses a different type of risk for the eyes, which means the swimmer will need to prepare for a few weeks out of the water after LASIK surgery. One of the risks of swimming is an infection due to bacteria in pool water. How do we inhibit bacteria from collecting in pool water? With chlorine! And that is the other risk. Chlorine dries out even the healthiest eyes, and dryness is also one of the common side effects that LASIK patients experience as the tissue heals. After two weeks, a return to the pool should be approved. Your doctor may recommend that you wear goggles for at least the first few weeks.
LASIK for the Football Player
Football is one of the most recognized of all contact sports. Even with protective gear, players are at risk of injury as they run over and into one another. Contact sports may also include baseball, basketball, volleyball, and even racquetball or tennis, due to the chances of being hit with a moving object. Furthermore, sports such as Krav Maga and martial arts fit into a category of contact all their own.
Can the person who plays a contact sport have iLASIK? Yes! However, commitment to recovery is a must. The more contact there is in a sport, the more time away may be needed. The good news is, even martial artists may be able to return to the mat after four weeks of healing.
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