Tears are Worth Shedding

Tears are something that most of us, at some point, learn to hide. We keep tears to ourselves because they are an indication of our feelings, and feelings are vulnerable. That’s another topic. We want to point out that tears are not a bad thing. In fact, they are a very, very good thing. We don’t shed tears only when we are overcome with emotion. There are other functions of tears, too.
Types of Tears
First, we have to say that all of our tears are the same. The “ingredients” in tears are no different if you are crying at a wedding or if you have something in your eye. This is where tears become unique, and where they offer specific benefits. Let’s take a closer look.
Emotional tears are a natural expression of joy or sadness. More than expressing how we feel, these tears are also credited with releasing toxins from the body.
Reflex tears are provoked when something gets in the eye; a speck of dust or the airborne particles from an onion. The function of these tears is to cleanse the eye and prevent injury such as a corneal scratch.
Basal tears are the natural lubricating fluid that keeps eyes moist throughout the day.
Just what makes a tear, anyway?
Tears are not just watery fluid. They also have a layer of oil and a layer of mucus in them. If tears were only water, they would dry up far too quickly to do much good. That is why the body naturally combines a bit of the other two substances into tears – at least it tries.
When Tears go into Hiding
There’s hiding your tears from others, and then there are tears that go into hiding all on their own. When tear production diminishes, the eyes become dry and irritated. This is an understatement. Dry eyes can be incredibly distressing. When lubrication dries up, the surface of the eyes feels scratchy, as if they have been powdered with dust. They water excessively but do not feel any better. They become red. Dry eyes are not something you want to live with.
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