Are you Considering LASIK? Let’s Talk Timing!

Eyeglasses and contact lenses have long been the norm for people whose vision needs a little help. But these methods of vision-correction don’t come without a downside. Glasses may get lost or broken; errant contact lenses may fly off your finger straight to the ground. If you have reached a point where these nuances of corrective eyewear are an aggravation, you may be contemplating the LASIK procedure that so many people are talking about.
LASIK has its Advantages
The reason that LASIK has been a popular procedure pretty much from the moment it was approved by the FDA is because it does its job. The point of this 10-minute procedure is to restore the structure to the eye’s surface, so vision is made optimal without the need for external lenses. Gaining freedom from glasses or contacts not only means a natural appearance but, for many people, it also means a more comfortable, active lifestyle.
There are Some Things you should Know
LASIK is an excellent treatment option for individuals with astigmatism, as well as those who are nearsighted or farsighted. We use the latest technology in our Winchester, VA LASIK and Cataract Center. The use of gentle laser improves patient outcomes significantly. Still, there are a few details you need to know about LASIK that will help you schedule your procedure at the perfect time.
Is there a perfect time for LASIK? Well, anytime you are ready to say goodbye to glasses or contacts is a great time. But there is a tiny bit more . . .
The recovery from LASIK is mild and expedient, which is just one more advantage of this procedure. However, where you need to think of timing is in the environments you will need to avoid for the first several weeks after treatment. Also, there is the matter of follow-up care. Let’s first look at a few post-op instructions:
No swimming. Not in a pool, a lake, a river, or the ocean.
Avoid dust, smoke, dirt, and wind. This can eliminate quite a few outdoor activities for about a month.
Now to the matter of aftercare. LASIK patients are typically scheduled for a follow-up to visit the day after their procedure. A second follow-up is conducted about one week later, and the last checkup is arranged about three weeks after that. This means the first month after LASIK; you will need to be within proximity of your doctor.
If you’re ready to have better vision through LASIK, we’re ready to help you. Call 540-722-6200.

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