Premature Aging: It can Happen to your Eyes!

Whether or not we verbally confirm our age, time has a way of showing up in every part of the body. Often, the aging process is given a helping hand by habits that we do not realize maybe hurting us.
Not drinking enough water. Like every part of the body, the eyes rely on adequate hydration in order to function optimally. When we do not drink enough water on a daily basis, it becomes difficult for the eyes to maintain adequate tear production. This may lead to dry eye disease and chronic irritation and redness. Drinking at least 8 ounces a day results in happier, healthier eyes.
Poor sleep. It is sleep that allows us to function properly during our waking hours. Most people do not get near the 7 to 8 hours they need on a nightly basis. This can result in chronically dry eyes, persistent redness and irritation, and involuntary twitching. Keep your peepers healthy with plenty of sleep!
Poor diet. Because we are so busy in today’s society, many of us compose our diets of fast food and processed items like pasta and chips. Neither of these habits promote healthy eyes and long-term vision. The eyes need antioxidants found in fresh fruits and vegetables and they need omega fatty acids found in food like salmon and certain types of nuts. Healthy eating habits reward you not only with healthier eyes, but with improved energy and vitality.
Smoking. There may not be anyone in today’s world who can say they are not aware of the dangers of smoking. One of those is a quadrupled risk for ocular conditions that may lead to blindness. People who smoke are many times more likely to develop cataracts and to suffer macular degeneration. Holding onto your vision is just one more reason to kick the habit.
Too much sun. Sun exposure is good for vitamin D production, but bad for the skin and for the eyes. Finding the balance is critical to optimal wellness. To protect the fragile skin around the eyes, experts recommend a moisturizing product with broad spectrum UV protection. Sunglasses should also offer 100% filtering of UV light in order to prevent the breakdown of collagen in skin around the eyes, as well as the tissues in the eyes.
An excellent way to make sure your eyes are treated in the best possible manner is to schedule annual eye exams. We are happy to help you enjoy healthy eyes and clear vision as you age!
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