What is the ReSTOR® Multifocal Lens?

Posted on: Jan 27 2014

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Cataract surgery is among the most common surgical procedures in the country today. The majority of patients who undergo this procedure receive monofocal IOLs, which are lenses used to correct distance vision. While these lenses may successfully correct one’s long-distance vision, they do not provide any help with functional vision. That means that patients will be dependent on glasses or bifocals for basic tasks, such as reading  the newspaper. Fortunately, advanced ReSTOR Multifocal Lenses help patients enjoy completely clear vision – at any distance.
Let’s take a closer look at these cutting-edge practice:
What are the ReSTOR Lens? The ReSTOR Multifocal Lens are implanted into the eye as a replacement for the natural lens of the eye during cataract surgery. They work like bifocal lenses inside of the eye, creating a clear image of the far away object while at the same time a second, defocused image is created for near vision. For near vision, the ReSTOR lens creates a clear, sharply focused near image. A patient’s vision is greatly improved through this method.
Am I a good candidate for this procedure? Generally speaking, any adult over the age of 55 who either has cataracts or presbyopia (the loss of ability to refocus vision) is a candidate for this procedure. These patients are tired of being dependent on glasses or bifocals, though they are in otherwise good health. However, patients who have unrealistic expectations about the procedure, or who have occupations that require them to work at nighttime, are not considered good candidates for the procedure.
What will happen following surgery? As with other implant procedures, patients can expect their vision to improve the next day. There is minimal discomfort following the surgery, and patients usually return to their normal activities within a day. Patients’ results are best when both eyes have the ReSTOR lenses implanted.
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