Chronic Dry Eye Affects 3.2M Americans

Posted on: Aug 14 2011

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Chronic dry eye is a common and treatable condition.  Also known as “dry eye syndrome,” this condition is characterized by insufficient tears.  Tears are vitally important to eye health, and their function is twofold: to clean the eye and to lubricate the eye.  Chronic dry eye results from either an inadequate amount of tears or a lack of quality tears.  There are a multitude of symptoms associated with this condition.
Symptoms of chronic dry eye include:•    Itching•    Redness•    A “gritty” feeling•    Pain•    Sensitivity to light•    Blurred vision
Treatment of Dry Eye
Before beginning treatment, we will first determine if you are, in fact, suffering from dry eye syndrome.  We do this by measuring your volume of tears and/or using a test to determine the quality of your tears.  If you are a candidate for dry eye treatment, we will sit down to discuss your options.  A common treatment option for those whose dry eye is a result of inflammation is Restasis.
Restasis is a twice-daily prescription eye drop used to increase tear production.  Although it’s not an overnight fix, your eyes may start producing more of their own tears after a month of treatment.  Often, patients will use “artificial tears” in conjunction with their Restasis treatment.  Although results vary from patient to patient, you may have to use artificial tears less frequently as you produce more of your own tears.  Restasis is not for everyone, but for many it can mean an end to their uncomfortable dry-eye symptoms.
Besides Restasis, there are other options available to sufferers of chronic dry eye.
Some treatments include:
•    Prescription drugs for eyelid inflammation•    Eye inserts that lubricate the eye similarly to artificial tears•    Silicone plugs applied to tear ducts
Looking for Chronic Dry Eye Treatment?
If you feel you’re experiencing Chronic Dry Eye, and would like more information on treatment, we encourage you to contact us today.  Dry eye is a common condition, and we can work together to find the best treatment options for you.  Our offices are located in Winchester, serving Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.  We can be reached at (540) 722-6200.  Call today to make an appointment.
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