Before or after you’ve had a vision improvement procedure it’s important to focus on your eye and vision health and protect it. Maintaining your eye health involves more than the obvious factors and vision is an essential sense so these tips that focus on protection should not be overlooked:
1. Wear sunglasses – shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays is a more obvious way to protect your eye health but sunglasses should be worn even on those days where there are a few clouds in the sky. Many Americans put them on just to cope with brightness, but UV rays are present even when the sun is not as visible.
2. Maintain a healthy weight – there are a variety of conditions linked to obesity or unhealthy weight that can affect eyesight negatively. Hypertension and high cholesterol are two conditions, along with diabetes. Overweight individuals also have a 30% higher risk of cataracts.
3. Focus on healthy eating – not only will healthy eating control your weight, you’ll also find that your vision is enhanced when you’re consuming fresh fruits and veggies daily (or in the very least, it’s protected from decline). It’s true that carrots have benefits to the eyes. Other orange and yellow vegetables and leafy greens are also especially beneficial.
4. Take out those contacts – taking out contacts is an important part of a daily routine as they can dry out the eyes and cause harm if left in for longer periods of time than they should be. Following the directions for use and care for specific contact lenses is essential!
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